Ford Company "Go Further" Campaign 
​A Water Wheel Powered by the River Helps Clean Baltimore Harbor | Everyday Heroes

Winner 2015 "Go Further Award" for "Best Use of Technology."

Discovery Channel Canada - Daily Planet 

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Baltimore's Solar-Powered Water Wheel Can Devour 50,000 Pounds of Harbor Trash Every Day

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"Meet the people renewing America"

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Michael Henkin, CEO Brown Advisory Board

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The Solar Assisted Waterwheel Powered Trash Interceptor

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​Andrew David Thaler, PHD. Charm City’s Water Wheel: The first truly feasible ocean cleaning array is already afloat

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Julie Botero, Baltimore's Water Wheel Keeps On Turning, Pulling In Tons Of Trash

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Joe Burris, Water Wheel scoops 19 tons of Inner Harbor Trash in one day.

“The most promising technology for addressing the problem of ocean plastic pollution is already in use in Baltimore Harbor” – Andrew Thaler, PHD Marine Sciences